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Basic Crisis Response Training

FCRT, Inc. utilizes the National
Organization of Victim Assistance (NOVA)
basic and advanced Crisis Response
Team (CRT) training. Our trainers have all
completed the Basic Crisis Response
Team successfully (CRT) training,
advanced training opportunities and Train
the Trainer under National Organization of
Victim Assistance (NOVA). They have also been responders.

FCRT’s 40 hour training focuses on fundamentals of crisis intervention to
victims of trauma. Since 1987, FCRT has sent teams to hundreds of small-
scale critical incidents as well as mass casualties. Upon request we have
responded to mass shootings as in Parkland High School, train crashes,
terrorist attack like the Pulse Night Club shooting, hurricanes and tornadoes
within Florida. When requested by NOVA , we have sent Florida teams to
national responses including the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center in
New York and the recent Las Vegas concert mass shooting.

Upcoming Trainings

Basic 40 Hour Training - For information and registration email:

Due to the COVID 19 outbreak all training has been cancelled until further notice.

Advanced 40-hour

Must have completed the 40-hour Basic Training to attend

This course targets those who have completed the Basic 40-hour Crisis
Response Team training. The participants will receive instruction to better
understand the intellectual foundations of the NOVA Crisis Response Team
training model and perfect necessary skills in applying the model. This 40-
hour advanced course builds upon the essential NOVA and FCRT protocols
with current best practices in working with special populations. The training
also serves as a 'refresher' context with skills, leadership and technology

Due to the COVID 19 outbreak all training has been cancelled until further notice.

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